<h1>My Interests</h1>

This page hold links to various subjects of interest. No Particular order or reason to it. Most were taken with my Ricoh digital camera, which is now terribly out of date but still works well enough.

Here are some old pictures of my dog. Everyone will be interested in him, right? What could be more important? Priorities, priorities.

Of course, if you want to see the less important ones, here is a selection of pictures of me, some quite old. Each thumbnail has a brief description. The thumbnails jump to larger pictures.

For the last couple of years, I have been spending a great deal of time sea kayaking>. I belong to a large sea kayaking club in the SF Bay area called BASK. I also occasionally teach for the sea kayaking program at Cal Adventures, the outdoor recreational program for Cal Berkeley. It's fun. It's difficult to take pictures of myself in a moving boat, so I have very few pics of me actually kayaking. I do have some pictures of my first boat's maiden voyage for your amusement. I will try to get some recent pictures to show a bit of how I've progressed in my paddling.

I decided I needed a smaller boat for day trips, so now I am building a Squeedunk Cormorant. The Cormorant has a major advantage for me. The panel offsets for the hull are available free on the internet. Of course this means that all the details of construction are up to the builder. I can't say that this is going to be the nicest Cormorant out there, as it is my first full size build, but it is going to float. Hard to complain about that!

While I'm getting crazy with the camera, perhaps someone might be interested in pictures of my house. Truth to be told, it has changed quite a bit since these were taken and I should probably take new ones. However, for the moment here they are.

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