Pictures on the first portion of this page taken with a Ricoh RDC4200 Digital Camera

What good is a house without a dog? Not much! That being the case, after getting the house, I began searching for a dog to share it with. After searching the local animal shelter for weeks, I found the perfect dog.

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Here he is, Snuffins, the Wonder Woofie!

Ok, I admit it, I get sort of silly over the dog. Isn't that what pets are for?

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This picture got a bit more color correction. Started out pretty dark. In bringing out the white of the kitchen floor, a bit too much red crept in. I'm still learning.

I spent some time out in the back yard trying to get a good shot. Funny thing. The dog just will not stand still to have his picture taken. What's up with that?

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This one shows a lot of the back yard to. As you can see, it is small and a bit cluttered. But it is my own! Well, me and the bank, anyway.

It's been a number of years since this page was updated. I just got a new camera and have been having a blast taking more and better pictures. Of course, I've taken plenty of my favorite model. This is what he looks like in the spring of 2005.

Here he is, master of all he surveys. Good thing his eyesight isn't that good!

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Not much different. Slightly different angle. Definitely shows off the unmowed lawn.

You talking to me? Hmmmmm. Might be a squirrel out there.

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Here he is guarding the living room. What a noble dog!