What good is having a camera and a house if you don't show them off?

So, for those who are interested, these are some pictures of my house, both inside and out.

As always, click on the thumbnail for a (much) larger image.

The first five pictures are various views of the front of the house.

As I am on a corner, this first shot is really taken down the side of the house from the corner. Note the two tone trim paint. This was taken while the painting was in progress.

housefront1thumb.GIF (12326 bytes)
This is taken at a angle from the side, showing the length of the front of the house. housefront2thumb.GIF (10248 bytes)
Straight from the front. Note the entrance and the kitchen window. housefront3thumb.GIF (10628 bytes)
Another one from the corner. Longer range this time. housefront4thumb.GIF (9565 bytes)
This is from the other side of the house. Shows the garage, car, and a section of fence.

Exciting huh?

housefront5thumb.GIF (9945 bytes)
Lets walk through the gate. This is what the side yard looks like. Complete with mess and moldering motorcycle. sideyard2thumb.GIF (10850 bytes)
Look at it from the other direction, and this is what you see. sideyard1thumb.GIF (8999 bytes)
Turn around again, and look out into the back yard. This is what you see. Notice the kayak laying upside down on the deck. I will build a boathouse for it soon. backyardfromside1thumb.GIF (13090 bytes)
Looking out through the gate, here is my little swimming pool. More like a big bathtub! pool1thumb.GIF (11353 bytes)
Turn around. Here is the back door, complete with the worlds cutest dog sitting just inside. backdoor1thumb.GIF (9267 bytes)
Turn around again. Walk out the gate to the end of the pool. This is the view looking back at the deck. pool2thumb.GIF (11070 bytes)
The yard on the other side of the house, complete with fruit trees. That is a lemon tree in the foreground. They are pretty common in this part of California. At the end of the yard are a peach, and apricot, and an apple tree. fruittrees1thumb.GIF (13738 bytes)

That about does it for the outside.

Now, if you will, come inside with me, and we'll take a short  tour.

This is a view of the family room taken from the kitchen. The patio door is to the left. familyroom1thumb.GIF (12238 bytes)
Looking into the kitchen from the family room. kitchen4thumb.GIF (8211 bytes)
A bit closer. This is from the corner by the family room. kitchen1thumb.GIF (10550 bytes)
Walking by the kitchen table, here is the fridge. Exciting stuff, hey, hey! kitchen3thumb.GIF (10463 bytes)
Looking through the kitchen over the table to the family room once again. kitchen2thumb.GIF (12331 bytes)
Here we look from the kitchen entrance out to the living room. As you can see, it doubles as my room mate's office. livingroom2thumb.GIF (11363 bytes)
Another view of the same room taken from the front door. The only thing of mine in the entire room is the couch and the mirror on the wall. livingroom1thumb.GIF (10736 bytes)
View of my office. We built a table into the wall, and the third bedroom became an office. Office1thumb.GIF (9344 bytes)
This is the new improved version. Notice more computers and a stand to double deck the two printers that are on the desk. Much better utilization of the space I think. Office2thumb.GIF (10911 bytes)
My bedroom. Note the stylish decoration. That is to say. None. I'll get that together some day. bedroom1thumb.GIF (10137 bytes)
And last but not least, my teeny, tiny, bathroom. Get hurt turning around in there if you're not careful. bathroom2thumb.GIF (9923 bytes)

Watch this page for more to come!