Pictures of Matthew Thumbnail Page

This is a picture that was cropped out of a larger photo and then placed on top of an artificial background. It was taken almost six years ago.
matthead2.jpg (8396 bytes) This is me in my office. It was taken with a video conferencing camera while sitting at the computer, hence the rather grainy nature of the pic.
This is one taken with the digital camera. I am lounging on a chair near the pool in my back yard.
Here I am standing by my pool. It has lay dormant over the winter, and the water is green with algae. This will be fixed as the weather gets warmer.
Farther back in the yard, I am standing by a nice little lemon tree that came with the house. I am in the process of trimming it so that is is easy to get the fruit.
mattbybikethumb.GIF (7555 bytes) I still have the bike that I rode to Berkeley on. It needs a lot of work, and will be a project a future that seems to be fading into the distance.
mattbowlthumb.GIF (6418 bytes) This one was my potter "studio". It was in my garage, but I had to evict the potters wheel to the back yard. Wood working tools and pottery making tools tend to conflict with each other. The kiln is still in the garage though. Better not to let it get rained on. I still have all the essential elements to produce and fire pots. In this pic I am smoothing the bottom of an unglazed bowl.
mattgobletthumb.GIF (5742 bytes) Here I am holding up a clay goblet. It is not yet glazed. As a matter of fact, it hasn't been fired at all. But it looked good at the time.