For the moment, this page will contain the various pics of my kayak and me in my kayak.

Gonna be some good stuff! Wait and see.

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Here is a picture of the kayak in my driveway. We picked it up from the shipping company on my friends truck.

Many thanks Dave. 

kayak1thumb.GIF (10211 bytes)

Just to give you an idea of how long the package is.

kayak2thumb.GIF (7226 bytes)

After we unloaded the box from the top of the truck, we brought it into my back yard.

kayak3thumb.GIF (8718 bytes)

I opened the end of the box and dragged the mummified kayak into my rec room.

kayak4thumb.GIF (7988 bytes)

Here is the kayak stretched out kitty corner across the rec room. Goes almost from wall to wall. The light was gone by this time, and this picture is heavily brightness corrected.

kayak5thumb.GIF (9403 bytes)

Another view. This time, looking into the cockpit from the rear.

kayak6thumb.GIF (7600 bytes)

Another shot from the stern showing just how long it is. I was backed all the way into the corner to take this one.

kayak7thumb.GIF (8853 bytes)


Enough of these indoor pictures! It's time to put the boat into the water for the first time. Unfortunately, not having any transportation, the water had to be close by. Thus the initial outing was in my pool.

Pictures of the adventure were taken by my housemate. As you can see, I was busy.


To get into the boat in this type of circumstance requires one to sit on the paddle. The shaft flexes. It's sort of scary. kayak8thumb.GIF (10811 bytes)
Here I have actually gotten into the boat, and am in the process of getting situated. kayak9thumb.GIF (8383 bytes)
Putting on the spray skirt. The paddle is stuffed under one of the deck bungies. kayak10thumb.GIF (6192 bytes)
Fitting the front of the spray skirt. Hmm...Now that I'm in here, what do I do? kayak11thumb.GIF (6354 bytes)
Guess I'd better get the boat away from the sides. Have to adjust my grip on the paddle first. kayak12thumb.GIF (7561 bytes)
A little more push off and I can actually get the paddle in the water. kayak13thumb.GIF (6342 bytes)
Practicing my reverse draw stroke to get into the middle of the pool kayak14thumb.GIF (9630 bytes)
Now the other side. Have to be able to do both! Besides, I'd feel so silly if I bashed the boat against the other side of the pool. kayak15thumb.GIF (6265 bytes)
More correction. kayak16thumb.GIF (4947 bytes)
This pool is too small. kayak17thumb.GIF (7959 bytes)
I just realized that I had been so excited that I had forgotten to put my feet on the foot pegs. I am shoving the paddle under the bungies so that I can fix that. Also gives the boat a chance to drift back a bit in the pool. kayak18thumb.GIF (12274 bytes)
Hey look! A forward stroke! kayak19thumb.GIF (12680 bytes)
Alright, enough of this foolishness. Time to get back to the side and exit. kayak20thumb.GIF (7294 bytes)
At the right spot. Ready to get out. kayak21thumb.GIF (6086 bytes)
Here I go. kayak22thumb.GIF (7000 bytes)
Made it! Complete chapter 1. kayak23thumb.GIF (8163 bytes)