Links to Interesting Stuff

No web page would be complete without a page of links. These are just a few of the many links that I consider worth seeing. They lead to information on my many interests, and each of these will lead to still more treasures on the web. This is only a tiny fraction of the many interesting sites that I have visited.

More links coming soon!

Computer Graphics

Not surprisingly, the web is rich with graphics sites. Though I tend to look at sites having to do with programs that I actually use, or wish I could afford, there are lots of great personal pages out there, and I have included some of my favorites in this list.

The Digital Giraffe

The site of the noted and notable computer artist Corinne Whitaker. Check it out. She does great work.


About The Artist
An interesting page.

Renderosity Digital Community

This is a magazine for digital 3D artists. Has some very good stuff.

Painter Creativity

Physical Fitness

These links provide a good starting point into an exploration of fitness on the web.

I am very fond personally of fitness and fit people. One of my ideas of a good time is hiking all day, or working out until I am soaked with sweat. I believe that the body is the temple of the mind, and that without a fit body, the mind cannot work at full capacity. I also believe that keeping fit should be a joy rather than a chore. Most people can find something that they like to do that will keep them in shape. We can't all be Mr. or Ms. America, but none of us have to miss the zest of life because we aren't fit enough to reach out and seize it.

American Alliance For Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance


Among my other interests is the making of pottery. I make various clay items on the potters wheel, formulate my own glazes, and fire my own work. I used to work at a co-operative studio in Berkeley CA, but now that I have my own house, I set up a studio of sorts. My kiln is in the garage, but my wheel is in the back yard. Clay dust and wood dust mix poorly, so the wood shop has evicted the potters wheel. There are and amazing number of pottery sites on the web these are only a selected few that I happen to like.

John Tilton - Contemporary Art Porcelain

Studio Potter


There are lots and lots of kayak links on the web. From sea kayaking expeditions on the scattered oceans of the world, too white water paddling on it's rivers, and everything in between, there are companies and individuals with interesting things to say on the web. As I am a Sea Kayaker Rather than a river guy, these are links are mostly sea kayaking resources.

Bay Area Sea Kayakers
A large Sea Kayaking (and eating) club in the San Francisco Bay Area to which I happen to belong.

Kayak Building Bulletin Board
This board is a service provided by Nick Schade of Guillemot Kayaks. It is the best resource that I have found for those interested in building hand made kayaks. Site covers construction methods for making boats from wood and fiberglass or fabric on frame.