Matthew Blumenthal
Fremont, California

I seek a position in a high tech company. I have a number of valuable skills which have been honed by my many years in the support and testing arena. I can build a Intel based computer and configure both it's hardware and software. I can trouble shoot both software and hardware errors. I am comfortable with Macintosh computer and have worked with them whenever required for many years. I also have used LINUX based Intel machines and am eager to extend my skills with them.

I enjoy learning new things and am constantly working towards self improvement, both in the skills of my profession and the wider realm of effective personal relations. This makes me a not only a good team player, but someone who can work independently when the job calls for it.

Communications are vital to the health of any organization and I consider my ability to communicate an important part of my skill set. I have good written and verbal skills. I enjoy proofing and editing the work of others and have been told that I do it well. I have a proven ability to use these skills for both private and public documents and look forward to doing so again. I know that listening is as important as speaking and apply that knowledge when dealing with others.

In short, I like to work and want to work and strive to make my work a credit and a value to the organization that I work for and with. Please look over my resume and see if I might be of value to your organization.