The Working World

After obtaining my degree, I was totally uninterested in teaching high school, the job I had originally intended to pursue. I had entered the History curriculum after being inspired by some really wonderful history teachers. Happily, I realized that it would not be a good choice before I finished school. Besides, it was really difficult to find a teaching job at the time. While trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life, I worked at various odd jobs. I spent some time working as a concrete laborer, but although it was an interesting experience, it was also hard, grinding, boring, and quickly paled.

AMTRAK. Or; Working On The Railroad?

I was ready for a new adventure. And, as has often been the case in my life, it came in the form of a new job.

An old friend (one of my fort building buddies from my childhood) was the supervisor of a track repair crew for Amtrak, and with his help and influence, I wangled a job as a track laborer. Once there, I spent three years avoiding work in the very best tradition of the Pennsylvania Railroad. As a result of this sojourn, I don't ride trains these days….By the way, I have been told that after I left they cracked down on the drinking, drugging, hiding, and general malfeasance in the track department, and the quality of work is much better today.

My Time As A Small Business Owner:

Be that as it may, I then quit the railroad and used all the money I had saved and inherited over the years to open a guitar store with an old friend. Oh yes, did I mention that I play guitar? Anyway, we got brutally stomped by the big guys in the area, and in 1983, after three years of struggle, I decided to give up. I gave my share of the business to my partner,debts and all, and prepared to make the cross country move to Berkeley California.

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