The College Years

I Graduated high school in 1971 and went to the local junior college for three semesters. I did gymnastics there as well. It at the beginning of the second year that I suffered an accident that was to shape the rest of my life. I had finished judging a high school gymnastics meet, and a group of us were working out on the still erected high bar. I was just messing around really. I let go of the bar at the wrong time, and came down badly. I tore my ACL (Anterior Cruces Ligament). From that day to this, that knee has plagued my life. It has made my life long pursuit of fitness more difficult than it might have been, and restricted my activities. No sky diving, running, or skiing. But I have coped! I can still walk, swim, bike, roller blade, and, when I am feeling really adventurous, do some light rock climbing.

At the end of my third quarter in the J.C., with my knee pretty well healed for the moment, I made another decision that has shaped my life from that time on. I found myself growing discontented with school. I wanted to experience more of life. To this end, I left school to "find myself". Yeah, right. After a year of finding that the world was much tougher than I had thought, I returned to school. I was accepted into, and eventually graduated from, American University in Washington DC with a BA in History. The year was 1976.

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