The Pottery Page

My pottery career can be divided into three phases:

  1. Work done in Junior High through College.
  2. Working at the Potters Studio in Berkeley CA.
  3. Working from my home studio in Fremont CA.

Although there may still be some examples of my very early work at my parents home, I don't have any in mine. I do however have lots of the pottery that I have made since arriving in California. The following are examples of my current work, with a bit of the older stuff thrown in for good measure.

The pictures immediately below are of older pots made at the Potters Studio. The newer pots are created in my current (and only) house. Notice that the glazes are very different. This is because I have had to create a whole new palate of glazes now that I am firing cone 6 in an electric kiln instead of cone 10 in a gas kiln.

Pot2thumb.GIF (15254 bytes) A little history here This is a collection of old and new pots sitting on the mantle above my fireplace. They reflect various stages of my potting career The blue, red, and black bottles are old work The white bottles are tests for new work, fired in the electric kiln in my house.

Work from the new kiln.

pot1thumb.GIF (7879 bytes) Vase from first full kiln of new work. Mountain landscape on white background. 8.5". pot3thumb.GIF (6923 bytes) Large bowl From same kiln. 5"x11.5"
pot3thumb.GIF (6923 bytes) Large bowl From same kiln. 5"x11.5" pot4thumb.GIF (9474 bytes) Interior of same bowl showing brushed oxide decoration.
pot5thumb.GIF (7976 bytes) Vase. Same kiln. 6". pot6thumb.GIF (6102 bytes) Jug. Same kiln. 6.5"
bar.gif (7566 bytes)

A bit more time and effort, and another load of ware is fired. The pots shown are some of the best from the firing, but are not the only good pots to emerge from this kiln load.

It should be noted that all current work is part of a process of learning the characteristics of the clay, glazes, and decorating process. Each subsequent kiln load of pots should reflect the process of experimentation and growth.

pot7thumb.GIF (9838 bytes) Small bottle form. 6" pot9thumb.GIF (7391 bytes) Clay goblets.

Left to right: 5.25", 6", 5.5"

pot15thumb.GIF (6868 bytes) Small long necked vase. 5.25" pot11thumb.GIF (6169 bytes) Mugs and small vase.

Left to right: 4", 3.75", 3.5"

pot13thumb.GIF (7879 bytes) Open mouthed vase with flaring lip. 6.5" pot10thumb.GIF (6560 bytes) Soup sized bowl. 2.5"x9.5"
pot12thumb.GIF (11725 bytes) Interior of same bowl, showing brushed decoration. pot8thumb.GIF (6222 bytes) Large bowl. 5"x12.5"